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1. FedEx runs Monday - Wednesday
2. Monday - reserved for 3-day shipments
3. Tuesday - reserved for 2-day shipments and any 3-day shipments that we were unable to go out on Monday
4. Wednesday - reserved for 1-day shipments and any 2-day shipments that we were unable to get out.
5. We DO NOT ship on Thursdays or Fridays.
6. The site will figure up shipping for you
7. There is a 20 lb minimum on FedEx orders

8. Please note that some items are unable to ship due to packaging. When adding an item to your cart for FedEx shipping, make sure that it doesn't tell you that it is a non-ship item.
9. Due to transit times, we are unable to ship to these states. Alaska, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maine, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington