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How to place an order:
1. You will need to create an account. you can do that by clicking on the Login/Register at the top of the products page.
2. Once you have registered. You can browse through our site and see the many nutritional blends that we have.
3. Once you have found the products that you want you can simply click "Add to Cart". Note: If you're ordering multiple cases. It is best to open the image up and add the quantity that you want and then "Add to Cart"
4. Once you have all the items that you want in your cart. You will go to your cart and review your order. There you will find a dropdown menu called "Choose Delivery Method"
5. Now you can "Proceed to Checkout"

6. Please Note: Section E in the image is a dropdown menu for "Delivery Location". If you have chosen to have your items shipped via FedEx. This section has nothing to do with you. Your order will be shipped to the shipping address that you have provided.