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New To Raw

When switching to raw, we suggest starting with a single source protein. We also recommend starting off as a treat
. Start off with a small amount and watch their stool. As long as their stool is looking as it should. Then you can start increasing the raw and decreasing the kibble. Do your best to never mix the raw with the kibble. This can cause discomfort to your dog and give them gas. Some dogs take to raw very fast and some dogs take to it slowly. Everything you will need to know is in the stool. Diarrhea is to be expected and by starting off slow, it can help ease that for them.


Puppies should be fed two to

three percent of their ideal

adult weight spread over 3

meals per day

Adults should be fed two to

three percent (adjust based on

age and activity level) of their

ideal weight.

This chart is a daily feeding (not per meal)

Here are some single source proteins.
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